2011-11-11 02:58 pm

Middlecrest v0.2.23

Middlecrest update to version 0.2.23

*Character statuses
*Item Quality
*Item generation based on level
*More weapons
*More armor
*More monsters

...and others!

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed item names that weren't displaying correctly.
*Bug fix: Races now display correctly when using look command.
*Bug fix: Added better seed on name generation so that name sequences aren't repeated every game.
*Added edge case checks when determining armor and weapon damage values.

*Updated to SQLite v3.7.9
*Transitioned to C++ Boost RNG.
*Legacy code updates to avoid possible weird behavior and inefficiencies.
*Locations now only populate when entered by player.
*Significantly refactored display, weapon, and spell code.

There are a lot of updates in this release. People who haven't looked at it since v0.1.87.1 will notice many changes. Most of these additions are from the iPAD/iPhone updates I've been working on and I thought I would release those updates for people to see and bash on. Although there is new content, I spent a lot of time doing some internal rewrites of code to accommodate the other added functionality and to move the code into its final form.

Thanks and enjoy!
2011-08-29 12:47 am

Middlecrest v0.1.87.1

Middlecrest update to version

*Two new races
*Content additions

Bug Fixes:
*Many! (mostly due to library updates)

*SQLite to v3.7.7.1
*Lua to v5.1.4
*C++ Boost to v1.47
*Code re-factoring and database overhaul.

Normally I wouldn't update so soon after a previous release but this version is mostly bug fixes.

Additionally, I received interest in doing a mobile version of Middlecrest for the iPAD/iPhone. This is good, considering my financial woes, and could generate a little flow my way. I will switch gears for the next few months as I work to get it ready (not much porting required, as the source is standardized code, but will require content additions and some tweaks). So, I wanted to get some last updates out before I switched my focus temporarily.

Thanks and enjoy!
2011-08-15 11:09 pm

New release... for a while.

Middlecrest update to version 0.1.87

*Rudimentary quest system
*Character disposition
*Basic guild support
*Look command
*Ranged weapon targeting
*Basic talk menu

Bug Fixes:

*SQLite to v3.7.6.2
*Significant code overhauls and miscellaneous updates.

This will be it for a while. If anyone wants to contribute to keep the ball rolling, feel free to contact me. Information is in-game and in included readmes. As soon as I'm back on my feet, development will continue.

Thanks and enjoy!
2011-04-20 10:41 pm

New version...

Middlecrest update to version 0.1.0

*Audiere support (no sound yet, just the capability)
*Character name generation

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed the crash that occurred when moving character off the map
*Bug fix: Magic would crash every time a spell was cast

*Enhanced help menu
*Updated to-hit/dodge calculation
*Melee weapons now obey character resistances
*Massive internal rewrite and miscellaneous optimizations
and much more!

There is a lot contained within this update, including some prettying of the user interface. I've was trying to release versions as quickly as possible, as soon as I implemented a new feature. I noticed that I was getting less downloads as a result (although I'm sure there were some out there enthused by the development clip). So, I decided to pace the updates so that more features will be available for debugging purposes for each release. Hopefully, this will encourage download and testing! :)

Thanks and enjoy!
2011-03-05 05:58 pm

Middlecrest v0.0.83

Middlecrest update to version 0.0.83

*Simple auto-mapping (press 'f' to toggle on/off)
*Support for Lua scripts
*Building data structures (allows things like name of the business/building to be displayed when you walk near it)

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed random movement so not all characters move the same direction

*Boost library to v1.46
*Race descriptions (corrected some nits)
*Improved rng and combat damage algorithms so the same number won't be continuously generated in some instances
*Many more internal code improvements

Seems I didn't release v0.0.82 more than 2 weeks ago, but alas it was more like a month ago! :) I've been updating as much as I can, although I spent most of this last month researching Lua and integrating it into the project. Also, spent a ton of time doing many internal updates to the code. Although this release doesn't contain piles of new stuff that the player sees, there are some interesting updates nonetheless.

Thanks and enjoy!
2011-02-14 10:27 pm

Middlecrest v0.0.82

Updated Middlecrest to version 0.0.82

*Added FoV (test by pressing 'f' to toggle on/off).
*Triggers for floor tiles and tied it into the message screen. Now player will be updated if the tile they are standing on triggers an event.
*Intro screen before splash screen to alert players of bugs and important information (feature will only stick around for alpha).
*Color support.

Bug Fixes:
*Altered the starting values of buildings in town to prevent crash at beginning of game.
*Safer type conversion and variable initialization to proof against future bugs.

*Updated UI so player messages scroll.
*SQLite v3.7.5
*Refined creature/shopkeeper generation code.

Had a relatively free weekend and I took the time to take a break from working on shopkeeper code. I've included a slough of updates and some bug fixes.

I've decided to hold off on buying/selling for a moment. NPC interaction will be a more monumental undertaking than I originally thought it would be (I thought, hey, I can just get some buying/selling done for shopkeepers... but then realized I needed more generalized interaction capabilities first before I even started the buying/selling code) so I'm going to regroup and figure out my next plan of action.

There's honestly a billion new features I could work on next or code that I could re-factor and extend. I hadn't thought much farther ahead than the current state, in terms of project management. The project is at a place where I could re-tool some of the code, add a few more features, some content, (all told, roughly another month or two worth of work) and I basically would have a fully functional roguelike. This is assuming I don't have any more serious bugs.

I'm beginning to delve into areas where I can start to add some actual Middlecrest features, which is very exciting! But, it's also daunting since these features are the more complicated and involved ones.

Alas, this is a good place to be. I feel like I have accomplished a fair amount, a little bit faster than I thought it would take. I'm excited for the next few months of development.
2010-12-28 02:45 am

Update v0.0.81

Updated Middlecrest to version 0.0.81. This release includes several things:

* Basic shopkeepers (although buying and selling not enabled yet)
* Rudimentary skills listing

Bug Fixes
* Doors now open correctly
* Solved crash while on wilderness map
* Entrances/Exits between wilderness, towns, and dungeons now connect correctly
* Items are now removed from inventory when dropped
* Minimized (and hopefully solved) crashes shortly after the title screen

* Updated SQL library to 3.7.4
* Significantly reduced memory footprint (work still in progress)
* Many small, miscellaneous code improvements
2010-12-02 01:57 am

Update v0.0.80

Updated Middlecrest to include races and classes during character generation. The new version can be downloaded here.

Also includes a C++ Boost update, significant code overhaul, and code improvements.
2010-10-13 01:56 pm


Released a small, incremental update of Middlecrest here.

Mostly bug fixes and BOOST updates, but also some additions to the magic system.