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So, those following the progress of Middlecrest have probably noticed I haven't updated the source recently. Actually, that's an understatement since my last update was... November (had to go back and look).

Most of the reason is due to contract work I picked up. I underestimated the lack of time I have to devote to projects outside of my day job, which technically is also another project I work on :) I get paid at my day job. I don't get paid to develop Middlecrest.

The other part of it is that the Middlecrest source code hit a brick wall.

I haven't been the architect of a large and complicated project before. I'm used to taking code written by others, sussing out how another organization's codebase works to do whatever update I am assigned to do, and getting it done. There is a world of difference between doing that and architecting the codebase yourself.

While the codebase is great at generating locations (caves, landscapes, etc.), it is horrendous at generating areas (provinces, which are groups of locations). The codebase wasn't nearly as extensible as I thought it was. I've devoted time to correcting the deficiencies in my object model and it has forced me to re-vamp the code considerably.

I will have a fix for the province issue soon. However, since the re-engineering was so extensive, the roadmap has changed. I will release the province generation code in a bug release (a stripped down version featuring just the province code) and add the old functionality and features incrementally, in future updates.

Hopefully, that explains a few things. Middlecrest is still in development, even though it is in fits and starts :)
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