orionsoftworks ([personal profile] orionsoftworks) wrote2011-11-11 02:58 pm

Middlecrest v0.2.23

Middlecrest update to version 0.2.23

*Character statuses
*Item Quality
*Item generation based on level
*More weapons
*More armor
*More monsters

...and others!

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed item names that weren't displaying correctly.
*Bug fix: Races now display correctly when using look command.
*Bug fix: Added better seed on name generation so that name sequences aren't repeated every game.
*Added edge case checks when determining armor and weapon damage values.

*Updated to SQLite v3.7.9
*Transitioned to C++ Boost RNG.
*Legacy code updates to avoid possible weird behavior and inefficiencies.
*Locations now only populate when entered by player.
*Significantly refactored display, weapon, and spell code.

There are a lot of updates in this release. People who haven't looked at it since v0.1.87.1 will notice many changes. Most of these additions are from the iPAD/iPhone updates I've been working on and I thought I would release those updates for people to see and bash on. Although there is new content, I spent a lot of time doing some internal rewrites of code to accommodate the other added functionality and to move the code into its final form.

Thanks and enjoy!