orionsoftworks ([personal profile] orionsoftworks) wrote2011-08-29 12:47 am

Middlecrest v0.1.87.1

Middlecrest update to version

*Two new races
*Content additions

Bug Fixes:
*Many! (mostly due to library updates)

*SQLite to v3.7.7.1
*Lua to v5.1.4
*C++ Boost to v1.47
*Code re-factoring and database overhaul.

Normally I wouldn't update so soon after a previous release but this version is mostly bug fixes.

Additionally, I received interest in doing a mobile version of Middlecrest for the iPAD/iPhone. This is good, considering my financial woes, and could generate a little flow my way. I will switch gears for the next few months as I work to get it ready (not much porting required, as the source is standardized code, but will require content additions and some tweaks). So, I wanted to get some last updates out before I switched my focus temporarily.

Thanks and enjoy!