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The Middlecrest project isn't finished - it's just been put on hiatus for a bit.

To explain the situation I have to go back a few years. Don't worry, I don't plan on boring you with TOO many details :)

I do a lot of work for other people. I write web applications, I write Middlecrest (well, that's for me, but I do it for you too), and I'm trying to dredge up a job for a mobile web application. Having too much work isn't the problem. I have enough as it is. Finding PAID work is the toughie. All that stuff I just mentioned I do? Yeah, it's pro-bono. I haven't had a paid gig in three years.

I can design and implement a mean web application or I can program a chess game (given enough time) but the economy is so rough out there that it's tough to find work. My area is also overrun with talented software developers so the pickings in jobs are slim and highly, obnoxiously competitive. Portland is a rough market right now and, unfortunately, it's not too much better around the United States and in a lot of the world.

How does this affect Middlecrest? Well, Middlecrest takes time to develop - time better spent looking for a paid gig. I've used up my savings over the past three years and now I need to find money STAT... or risk putting myself out on 82nd for that job that's always hiring. The one where I dress up in heels and purr, "Hey, baby!" at passing cars. No, I kid! Point is: eating is more important than Middlecrest and I need money to eat.

So, I will release an updated version of Middlecrest soonish. It will be chock-full of new features. There are some bugs to work out to get it to that point but they are relatively minor. And then, Middlecrest is officially (formerly, unofficially) on hiatus for a spell. Don't worry. It will be picked up again soon after I have the ducats flowing my way.

And in the meantime, any one know of some work where a slightly hair-brained, wholly inventive, resourceful, and hungry software developer could send his resume? You don't know me from Adam but a tip might be nice :)

Date: 2011-08-11 02:39 am (UTC)
winterkoninkje: shadowcrane (clean) (Default)
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I don't have any specific leads, but have you looked into Canadian offerings? They have a decent, oft overlooked, software industry and they're close by.

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