Date: 2011-08-11 10:43 pm (UTC)
winterkoninkje: shadowcrane (clean) (Default)
Nor am I, particularly, though I spent the summer up north so I know a couple folks who might know a bit more. Most of them are working in the computational side of biomedical imaging, so lots of stuff about optimizing systems of equations and related maths (Fourier transforms, derivatives and integrals, etc). Apparently this is helpful for seemingly unrelated jobs in banking, financial modeling, and optimizing flow of parts etc. (One of them was just hired by Bank of Montreal, another by Canadian Tire.) I don't know how familiar you are with that kind of math, though it's all quite similar to the guts of how different machine learning techniques work.

Most of the job offers I see tend to be related to Natural Language Processing. As I recall you don't have a background in NLP or linguistics, but a good chunk of NLP work is machine learning (on steroids). If you'd be interested in them I could forward some of the offers your way. Or, if you're interested in pursuing a PhD in programming languages (functional programming, dependent types, etc), I've seen numerous paid positions for that. Most of them are in the UK, but there are a few in other places around the States and Europe.
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