orionsoftworks ([personal profile] orionsoftworks) wrote2011-04-20 10:41 pm

New version...

Middlecrest update to version 0.1.0

*Audiere support (no sound yet, just the capability)
*Character name generation

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed the crash that occurred when moving character off the map
*Bug fix: Magic would crash every time a spell was cast

*Enhanced help menu
*Updated to-hit/dodge calculation
*Melee weapons now obey character resistances
*Massive internal rewrite and miscellaneous optimizations
and much more!

There is a lot contained within this update, including some prettying of the user interface. I've was trying to release versions as quickly as possible, as soon as I implemented a new feature. I noticed that I was getting less downloads as a result (although I'm sure there were some out there enthused by the development clip). So, I decided to pace the updates so that more features will be available for debugging purposes for each release. Hopefully, this will encourage download and testing! :)

Thanks and enjoy!