orionsoftworks ([personal profile] orionsoftworks) wrote2011-03-05 05:58 pm

Middlecrest v0.0.83

Middlecrest update to version 0.0.83

*Simple auto-mapping (press 'f' to toggle on/off)
*Support for Lua scripts
*Building data structures (allows things like name of the business/building to be displayed when you walk near it)

Bug Fixes:
*Bug fix: Fixed random movement so not all characters move the same direction

*Boost library to v1.46
*Race descriptions (corrected some nits)
*Improved rng and combat damage algorithms so the same number won't be continuously generated in some instances
*Many more internal code improvements

Seems I didn't release v0.0.82 more than 2 weeks ago, but alas it was more like a month ago! :) I've been updating as much as I can, although I spent most of this last month researching Lua and integrating it into the project. Also, spent a ton of time doing many internal updates to the code. Although this release doesn't contain piles of new stuff that the player sees, there are some interesting updates nonetheless.

Thanks and enjoy!