orionsoftworks ([personal profile] orionsoftworks) wrote2011-02-14 10:27 pm

Middlecrest v0.0.82

Updated Middlecrest to version 0.0.82

*Added FoV (test by pressing 'f' to toggle on/off).
*Triggers for floor tiles and tied it into the message screen. Now player will be updated if the tile they are standing on triggers an event.
*Intro screen before splash screen to alert players of bugs and important information (feature will only stick around for alpha).
*Color support.

Bug Fixes:
*Altered the starting values of buildings in town to prevent crash at beginning of game.
*Safer type conversion and variable initialization to proof against future bugs.

*Updated UI so player messages scroll.
*SQLite v3.7.5
*Refined creature/shopkeeper generation code.

Had a relatively free weekend and I took the time to take a break from working on shopkeeper code. I've included a slough of updates and some bug fixes.

I've decided to hold off on buying/selling for a moment. NPC interaction will be a more monumental undertaking than I originally thought it would be (I thought, hey, I can just get some buying/selling done for shopkeepers... but then realized I needed more generalized interaction capabilities first before I even started the buying/selling code) so I'm going to regroup and figure out my next plan of action.

There's honestly a billion new features I could work on next or code that I could re-factor and extend. I hadn't thought much farther ahead than the current state, in terms of project management. The project is at a place where I could re-tool some of the code, add a few more features, some content, (all told, roughly another month or two worth of work) and I basically would have a fully functional roguelike. This is assuming I don't have any more serious bugs.

I'm beginning to delve into areas where I can start to add some actual Middlecrest features, which is very exciting! But, it's also daunting since these features are the more complicated and involved ones.

Alas, this is a good place to be. I feel like I have accomplished a fair amount, a little bit faster than I thought it would take. I'm excited for the next few months of development.