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Development on Middlecrest has slowed of late. Unfortunately, time is a valuable commodity at the moment and the lack of it has curtailed the momentum of getting a monthly or twice-monthly release out :(

However, work has been done!

Shopkeepers are coming along pretty well. They are somewhat live, spawning in their respective business (and not allowed to travel too far from them) and they have a sort of random/hovering movement programmed into them, as they wait for customers. What hasn't been implemented yet is any interaction.

Also, I took a divergent route for a week and coded in the field of view. It is testable right now (the 'f' command will toggle it on/off). It isn't integrated into the code yet since it needs some work, but is there for people to play with it and hopefully find any bugs.

Much of the work has been going into proofing the code against future bugs and solving current ones. Some testers experienced some crashes at the beginning of the game and inexplicably during the middle of the game. I tracked some of the issues down and hopefully they are history, but testing is ongoing.

The next release will feature some rudimentary interaction between shopkeepers, such as talking and buying/selling. The shopkeepers will be expanded also, so that there will be more of them, and some other work will happen with the code base so the program can actually distinguish between a shop building and other types of buildings. The groundwork for distinguishing between various buildings has already been laid in previous development work -- it just needs to be expanded.

So, here is to hoping I get a release out soon here... within the next two weeks :)
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