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Continuation of an earlier post, detailing the races of Middlecrest in the next release.

Ispandan - After being overrun by various tribes and races for nearly a millenia, Ispandan culture has reaped the benefits. They have evolved to be the foremost cultural force in the world with a burgeoning mercantile culture. Being experienced traders and hagglers, their great fleets ply the seaways of distant ports forming trade alliances. They have taken the best of their cultural influences over the past centuries and have experienced a growing renaissance of arts and culture that has infected the rest of the continent.

Mostly an excuse to feature some Rennaisance-era technology in the game (i.e. primitive firearms, various arms and armor, etc.) and swashbuckling-types, they are mainly a mash-up of pan-European Renaissance culture. Other inspiration includes Spanish culture during the Age of Discovery and AD&D's Sword Coast.

Abilities and Bonuses: They have an aptitude for commerce and trading, seemingly almost second-nature to them. Firearms and long-bladed dueling weapons are fashionable with all levels of society, although more so with the upper class who actually have the means to afford them.

Nordlundian - Hailing from the frigid north lands, they are a strong race, primarily known as warriors and raiders. The truth belies the reality, however, as they are also experienced sea-farers, explorers, and traders, their networks stretching into many lands and nations. Their magic is based on a knowledge of runes and other magical sigillary, unlike other practitioners of the arcane, and their brand of sorcery is exotic to many. Very fond of song and story, they often regale themselves and elaborate their history with heroic sagas.

Probably the most straight-forward and non-nuanced of all the races, Nordlundians are an amalgamation of everything Norse (from the Germanic tribes that sacked Rome, to the Vikings that raided medieval Europe). What can I say? I am enamored with ancient Scandinavian cultures. Probably the only different slant on them in Middlecrest than other fantasy games is that they are modeled less like Conan-style barbarians and more like they were in history.

Abilities and Bonuses: Scandinavian cultures were unusual for their warriors' use of axes, in contrast to the sword and spear wielding cultures of Europe, and that will be the same in Middlecrest to provide some differentiation. They get bonuses to running and various physical skills and, generally, are a physically strong and wise culture. They are somewhat remote and unfamiliar with the cutting edge of the modern world.

Zakran - Zakra is one of the oldest civilizations, having the longest, mostly undisturbed history of all peoples of the continent, stretching back to the ancients. While other civilizations have changed, the Zakrans have kept their roots. Situated far to the east, on their own island nation and apart from the continent, the Zakrans form an impressive culture. Renowned for their knowledge of astrology and their intellectual traditions, both modern and ancient Zakran thought has profoundly influenced all nations across the continent. Their maritime tradition and thalassocracy is strong and formidable, linking the main island to numerous merchant cities and coastal colonies.

Modeled after the Minoans mostly and inspired by some aspects of the Spellbound module from AD&D 2nd edition (Thayans, specifically). Secondary influences come from ancient Greece. The idea with them is that they are supposed to be a wise and intellectually influential culture mixed with some weirdness to make them appropriately exotic. It's my attempt at putting a pseudo-Grecian flavor into the world.

Abilities and Bonuses: Their society values rationality, with its famous academies and research. They rely less on magic than any other culture and are not a region known to produce renowned magicians. They are worldly, and have much knowledge of commerce, which has served to keep their economy vigorous.

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